Bake your own bread! :D

When I moved out from my parents for the… third time, right after new years eve, 09-10, I decided to bake all my bread myself, instead of buying it. And believe it or not, I’ve managed not to buy a single piece of breakfast bread since I made up my mind 😀 I got this really great recipe from my dad, and I was really excited.

But my skillz in bread baking weren’t very great, and the first was, well, I don’t think it should be called a failure, because it tasted alright, and it wasn’t poisonous, but it sure wasn’t a master piece. I didn’t know how to knead the dough properly, and the bread got all black and hard on it’s bottom. And, add to that, we had below 15 degrees celsius in our house, so maybe that affected the rising of the dough as well. But in the end, I was really happy and proud that I had baked my very own bread!

It was a great feeling! Even though it might sound weird, it really felt great to have created your own food from basics. Okay, I didn’t harvest the grain and made the flour myself, but maybe you get the point! I strongly recommend you try it!

After some more baking sessions, my bread started to look as good as it tasted, and I’ve gotten lots of encouragement and credit for it. And oh, I almost forgot, it’s cheaper as well. It might sound as it takes up much of your time, but really, if you bake once a week, or once every second week, it won’t. I spend 15 minutes making the dough and kneading it. Then it rises for 30-60 minutes, then you take it out, split it in two and form awesome loafs, and then it rises for another 20-30 minutes. And then it’s owen time, 25-30 minutes. While it’s rising and in the owen, you can do lots of other stuff like, cleaning, exercise, make dinner/lunch/breakfast, chat, play the Starcraft 2-beta (<3), or just hang out watching the dough (the bread dough, or the dough you saved baking your own bread instead of buying).

If you’re interested in the recipe, feel free to ask and I’ll translate it for you! Now go bake some bread! >: (


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